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Has this ever happened to you? You're pulling out of the driveway, about to begin vacation and there's this nagging thought that you've forgotten something. Or you're at the grocery store and can't remember an item for tonight's dinner. Or it's your wedding day and you want to ensure all details are covered.

fall checklists Here at Steph's Lists we've put together a comprehensive catalog of checklists to assist in your everyday life. Have you ever muttered under your breath, "Why doesn't life come with an instruction booklet?" While we can't provide you with one of those, we can supply detailed checklists for many of life's needs.

Now that it's Fall and Winter is approaching, turn to Steph's Lists for assistance. Our checklists are just what you need for all of your holiday planning. In addition to holiday preparations, Fall is the time to get your home and automobile ready for Winter. Your kids will need to start thinking about planning for college. And it's an excellent time to begin planning your mid-winter vacation.

check list This Month's Featured Checklist - July 2021

christmas presents
Steph's Christmas Party Checklist
Planning your 2006 Christmas party will be a lot easier if you use Steph's Christmas Party Checklist and you may discover some ideas you haven't thought of.

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